New ChatGPT4 in Bing Chat: How to Use with Google Chrome and Other Browsers

New ChatGPT4 in Bing Chat: How to Use with Google Chrome and Other Browsers

Use New ChatGPT4 and Bing Chat with Google Chrome and Other Browsers

Microsoft started rolling out the AI version of Bing Search a.k.a New Bing powered by ChatGPT. While it is primarily available on Microsoft Edge, it can also be used on Google Chrome as well.

To use the AI version of Bing, you have to visit from Edge because it is blocked on other browsers. If you try to open it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers.

You will see this message “Chat mode is only available when you have access to the new Bing.” and suggest you open it in Microsoft Edge with the message “Unlock conversational search on Microsoft Edge.

ChatGPT4 in Bing Chat

Although, it is possible to bypass this browser-specific restriction for using the New Bing by modifying the browser user agent. Let’s learn how to do that.

How to Use New Bing Chat Mode in Google Chrome

Before you start following the procedure, I would like to tell you that the below solution will only work if you already have access to the new bing, or you can check this blog post on How to Quickly Get Access to New Bing with ChatGPT AI.

If you made up to this line, then I presume that you’ve access to the new bing.

In Chrome browser, you need to install Bing Unchained or Bing Chat for All Browser or Bing Chat Unblocker. All these extensions offer the same functionality.

The installation process is easy, click on the link of a particular extension, then on the extension page click on the Add to chrome button.

When the dialog box appears, click Add extension button.

ChatGPT4 in Bing Chat

Once installation completes, you will see an icon for a particular extension installed in the Chrome browser. Like showing the screenshot.

Here’s what you need to do to access New Bing Chat mode using the particular extension.

Bing Unchained – Click on the Extension icon, and the new bing web page will open in the new tab.

Bing Chat for all browsers – Click on the Extension icon and a dialog box will open, click the ‘Open Bing Chat’ button.

Tip – Bing Chat for all browsers is also available for Firefox, so use this add-on to Use New Bing Chat Mode in Firefox.

Bing Chat Unblocker – Similarly visit or use as you use in Edge and you will be able to use the New Bing.

How to Use New Bing Chat Mode in Google Chrome

As simple as that!

Alternate tip – Use New Bing Chat Mode in Skype

Visit Skype for web and login using your Microsoft account.

Use New Bing in Skype for web

On the left side, you will find Bing in Skype section. Under it, you will find Bing, click on it. Instantly, Bing Chat mode will open on the right side. Now, you can use it, like you use it on

As always, I’m interested in hearing from you and finding out if the method works for you or not. If you encounter any issues, please let us know by leaving a comment. We will try our best to help you find another solution together.

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