Google Plans to Kill the Age Old Cookie

Google Plans to Kill the Age Old Cookie

To replace the cookie in Chrome and Android, Google has an offering for the world called “Privacy Sandbox.” Here’s an exclusive peek into how it will work.

“Google Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox Could Give You Back Some Control Over Your Cookies”

“Google is making a move to improve user privacy by restricting cookies from tracking users’ online behavior. This new feature is called “Privacy Sandbox” and it will be integrated into Google Chrome, which is the most widely used browser globally.

The goal of the Privacy Sandbox is to provide a more secure and private browsing experience by preventing cookies from being used for tracking users. This feature is still in development and has faced some criticism from advertisers who rely on cookies for targeted advertising.

However, Google is pushing forward with this privacy initiative, which is expected to be rolled out later this year. The company has stated that it will work with the industry to find alternatives to cookies for targeted advertising and measurement.

With the Privacy Sandbox, users will have more control over their online privacy and the information that is collected about them. This could be a game-changer for internet privacy and could set a precedent for other companies to follow.”

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